David A. Powers

[Release] David A. Powers: Return to Andromeda

Fri, Oct 19, 2018 1:57 PM

Though Osiris is entombed
The Bird of Light ascends
Through the power of the serpent
You are made into a star

The sword of Orion
Opens the gates of heaven
Across the Milky Way
You climb the ladder to the stars

Rise, shining falcon
Rise, unfold, sacred lotus
Rise on the horizon of light
Rise, for you are a star

Return to the Holy Ones
Return to the Ancestors
Return to Andromeda
Return to the stars

Release Notes

Released October 19, 2018. Recorded 2014-2018 in Detroit, Chicago, & Austin.

Composed & recorded by David A. Powers. Mastered by Pheek.

Inspired by Susan Brind Morrow's THE DAWNING MOON OF MIND: Unlocking the Pyramid Texts

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